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Bathroom Tiles Melbourne 
Bathrooms are an important part of every home and need an equal amount of focus when it comes to aesthetics and décor. A well-designed bathroom must have the right balance of functionality and creativity. Initially, bathrooms were renovated and constructed with simple tiles. Well, the times have changed for the better and bathroom décor now involves glamorous vanities, fancy bathtubs, eye-pleasing bathroom tiles, and lots more. Just like living rooms and bedrooms, even bathrooms are now designed keeping a vibe in mind. It can be rightly said that tiles are a crucial component of bathroom interiors and design…
If you are looking for quality bathroom wall tiles, then Boutique Home Centre must be on your list. We offer a wide range of bathroom tiles in Melbourne and are known as one of the most reliable tiles suppliers. Our range of tiles for bathroom walls is carefully curated to suit the trends and customer preferences. From polished porcelain to terrazzo tiles, our collection of tiles is suitable for all kinds of spaces.
With numerous bathroom tiles to choose from, it is necessary to consider a few factors for the right tile selection. Our team at Boutique Home Centre knows how important it is to choose the right tiles for a bathroom wall and therefore, makes sure to assist all clients thoroughly.  Right from the selection of tiles for the bathroom walls to assisting you with order placement and delivery, we stay connected with our clients throughout the process.
Another advantage of opting for our bathroom tiles is that we are never out of stock. All our warehouses are always stocked with all our featured products and we see to it that they are ready to ship. Our customers can rely on us for timely delivery of their tiles and tiles accessories. This also means your bathroom renovation or construction can take place as per schedule without any delay!
Well, to ease your selection process, our experts have come up with a list of factors to keep in mind for bathroom tiles selection.

Decide the bathroom style you want

A bathroom can be styled in several different ways. From minimalist designs that include geometric tiles and subtle colours to luxurious bathrooms that include fancy tiles with contrasting hues, know what kind of style you prefer for your bathroom. The style you choose will impact your bathroom tiles selection.

Consider the size of the bathroom

The bathroom needs to have dedicated space for bathroom accessories such as a basin, vanity, and bathtub. Consider the placement and space for these accessories before choosing a pattern and size for the bathroom tiles. This is majorly important for bathrooms that have separate shower sections and storage spaces.

Decide the different tile colours you want to combine for the bathroom

One may have to choose different tiles for the bathroom floor and walls. This is because the shower space will need to have anti-skid tiles whereas one can opt for smoother tiles for the bathroom wall. It is recommended to choose only up to three tile variations for a bathroom to keep the balance of the hues intact. These three tile variations can be categorised as- floor tiles, walls tiles, and accent wall tiles. Make sure there is some contrast in the colours of these tiles and one of the parts is subtle to create harmony.

Take into consideration the cleaning and maintenance of the tiles

Bathroom tiles that are low in quality often require heavy maintenance. At Boutique Home Centre, we ensure to provide all our clients with high-quality tiles at the best rates. Our team will not only help you with the selection of tiles but will also consider your requirements and guide you on the tiles’ maintenance and care. For bathrooms, it is necessary to opt for low-maintenance tiles that are anti-skid and waterproof.
Apart from the above-mentioned points, make sure to check the installation process of the tiles you choose. This can impact your overall budget and tiles’ durability!
Want to know more about bathroom wall tiles and flooring tiles? Contact our team today and get all the information you need regarding bathroom tiles. Also, don’t forget to check out our collection of bathtub, basin, vanity, and cabinets.

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Tollis Family
Tollis Family
Really lovely staff who are prepared to help you out. Thank you Boutique Tiles.
Appreciate the excellent customer service provided by the Boutique Home Centre. Competitive pricing, prompt communication, great range and prompt delivery - all exactly as promised by their team. Would highly recommend.
Prashanth kumar
Prashanth kumar
They went above and beyond to help with my tiles, delivery and after sales service. Highly recommend this store.
Shakiruddin Mohammed
Shakiruddin Mohammed
It was really a great experience working with Boutique tiles. The quality of work is awesome and that too at a very affordable price. They did the jobs on time. All the staffs at Boutique tiles were very helpful and provided suggestions which helped me to choose the right tiles. I would specifically call out Chinu the manager for his excellent service and managing the tiling jobs considering my movements. Manpreet and Raj were also very supportive and friendly. I would surely recommend my friends and relatives for any tiling jobs going forward with Boutique Tiles.
Zehra Cileli
Zehra Cileli
I cannot thank Chino, Raj and Mani enough for their 5 star customer service. They were all fantastic and very patient as i couldn't make up my mind and then we had a few problems but they came to our rescue and solved our problem. Very rare do you find a business with this kind of customer service, nothing was too much trouble for them, and everytime we went they always greeted us with smiling faces. If you need tiles or carpet look no further Boutique Tiles is the place to go. Thank you again to all of you, your all amazing.

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