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Lappato Tiles Melbourne
Tiles come in a variety of designs, textures, and colours and each type of tile serves a specific purpose in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Lappato tiles are highly preferred these days. Interior designers and construction professionals opt for lappato tiles for both floors and walls. These semi-polished and stylish tiles are subtle yet impactful. Unlike super reflective polishes, lappato tiles have a natural polish that reflects the light gently. At Boutique Home Centre, we have a huge collection of lappato tiles…

Lappato tiles are basically porcelain tiles. ‘Lappato’ here refers to the process of polishing these tiles. For these tiles, the surface is polished but not entirely. This leaves a few natural spots unchanged on the lappato tile making it look more natural. In simple terms, some areas on the tile are polished so that they appear glossy while the other remaining parts on the tile remain matte. This gives a perfect balance to the look of the tile and makes it suitable for all kinds of spaces.
Our collection of lappato tiles is versatile and made to suit all kinds of interior needs. Choose from the light-hued grey textured tiles or opt for a dark, smoky bronze lappato tile to give your space an edge. Lappato tiles being thinly glazed are not loud and can subtly complement any given room. Those who do not want to go overboard with their interiors can opt for these tiles without any second thoughts.
Additionally, lappato tiles are durable and thanks to their slightly rough surfaces they also reduce the risk of slipping. The finish of these tiles also covers up minor scratches and cracks efficiently without hampering the appearance of the tiles.
Our team at Boutique Home Centre will not only help with the order placement and delivery but will also assist you in selection. With so many options to choose from, it is easy to get carried away and choose the wrong lappato tile! To avoid this, we make sure to guide our clients with regards to product selection and delivery process.
Another thing that sets us apart from other suppliers is that our warehouses are always ready with the stock that is ready to be shipped and delivered. This also applies to our collection of lappato tiles. We understand the importance of construction deadlines and make sure to keep our warehouses stocked with every piece from our collection. You never have to worry about delays in delivery once you place an order with us!
Confused about opting for lappato tiles for your room? Here are a few tips from our experts to help you choose better.

Though lappato tiles can be used for both walls and floors, it is necessary to choose the right design for these spaces. Floor tiles should usually be stain-resistant and scratch-resistant whereas wall tiles can be smoother and more delicate.
Make sure to consider the room size when selecting lappato tiles. The size of the tiles also impacts the overall look and feel of the space. For a smaller room space, light-coloured tiles work the best and vice-versa.
When choosing the colour of the tiles make sure to take into account the décor of the room and the presence of natural light. The tiles you select must be in sync with the wall colours and furniture elements too.
Lastly, see to it that the tiles you choose are waterproof and easy to maintain.

In addition to high-quality lappato tiles, we have all the necessary products for your home construction and renovation such as tile accessories, bathroom fittings, vanity fittings, and flooring fittings.
Contact our team at Boutique Home Centre today and get all the details on lappato tiles.

Our Happy Customers

Tollis Family
Tollis Family
Really lovely staff who are prepared to help you out. Thank you Boutique Tiles.
Appreciate the excellent customer service provided by the Boutique Home Centre. Competitive pricing, prompt communication, great range and prompt delivery - all exactly as promised by their team. Would highly recommend.
Prashanth kumar
Prashanth kumar
They went above and beyond to help with my tiles, delivery and after sales service. Highly recommend this store.
Shakiruddin Mohammed
Shakiruddin Mohammed
It was really a great experience working with Boutique tiles. The quality of work is awesome and that too at a very affordable price. They did the jobs on time. All the staffs at Boutique tiles were very helpful and provided suggestions which helped me to choose the right tiles. I would specifically call out Chinu the manager for his excellent service and managing the tiling jobs considering my movements. Manpreet and Raj were also very supportive and friendly. I would surely recommend my friends and relatives for any tiling jobs going forward with Boutique Tiles.
Zehra Cileli
Zehra Cileli
I cannot thank Chino, Raj and Mani enough for their 5 star customer service. They were all fantastic and very patient as i couldn't make up my mind and then we had a few problems but they came to our rescue and solved our problem. Very rare do you find a business with this kind of customer service, nothing was too much trouble for them, and everytime we went they always greeted us with smiling faces. If you need tiles or carpet look no further Boutique Tiles is the place to go. Thank you again to all of you, your all amazing.

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