May 17, 2024

Choosing Between Porcelain Tiles and Ceramic Tiles: Which Option is Ideal for Your Home Decor?

When it comes to home décor, every detail matters. One crucial aspect often overlooked in home décor is the selection of tiles for flooring or walls.

Porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles are the two most popular choices for home décor. Selecting the right one among these two is a tough decision to make and requires the consideration of several different factors.

Before we start the selection process, let’s understand the features of these two tiles.

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles in Melbourne are quite popular for their durability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal. In addition to tiles, porcelain pavers and porcelain slabs are also widely used in Melbourne, depending on the functionality of the space. Porcelain tiles are made from high-quality clay that is treated at extremely high temperatures. As compared to ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles are more resistant to water and stains.

This makes them an ideal choice for high-traffic areas like the living room, passages, kitchen, and entryways.

Whether you are looking for outdoor porcelain tiles in Melbourne or Lappato porcelain tiles, Boutique Home Centre has a wide range to suit all your needs.

Porcelain Tiles Vs. Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are also used for flooring and wall applications. Made from natural materials, ceramic tiles are treated at lower temperatures. This gives them a softer and more finished look. Ceramic tiles come in a wide variety of designs, colours, and textures, and that makes them more preferable than porcelain tiles. These tiles can be installed easily with both traditional and modern techniques.

Durable and long-lasting, ceramic tiles can enhance the visual appeal of a space effortlessly. Whether you are renovating your kitchen space or upgrading your bathroom, ceramic tiles offer endless creative opportunities.

Now that we know about the types of tiles, let’s explore a few factors to ease the selection process.

  • Durability of the tiles

Whether you choose a porcelain tile or a ceramic tile, durability is an important factor to consider. Porcelain tiles tend to be slightly more durable than ceramic tiles. Likewise, porcelain tiles are also more resistant to stains and scratches because of their material composition. If you are looking for tiles for areas prone to moisture and heavy foot traffic, then porcelain tiles may be a better choice.

  • Installation and maintenance

Porcelain tiles require more expertise when it comes to installation as compared to ceramic tiles. In general, the installation technique for both of these tiles is similar. In terms of maintenance, porcelain tiles are comparatively easier to maintain.

  • Cost

Porcelain tiles tend to be more expensive than ceramic tiles because they offer more durability. However, porcelain tiles also prove to be more cost-effective in the long run because they have lower maintenance requirements. Those looking for budget-friendly tiles can opt for ceramic tiles. 

  • Application/Uses

Porcelain tiles are better suited for floors in kitchens, bathrooms, and passages. These tiles are also ideal for outdoor spaces like patios and pool decks. Ceramic tiles can also be used in the above-mentioned spaces but may require more maintenance. It is best to use ceramic tiles in low-traffic areas.

Make sure to keep these factors in mind when choosing between a ceramic tile and a porcelain tile in Melbourne.

Those looking for porcelain floor tiles in Melbourne don’t forget to explore our tile options at Boutique Home Centre. We are a one-stop solution for all your tile requirements. Get in touch with us for more information on tiles and other home décor solutions.

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