Feb 12, 2024
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Hybrid Flooring in Melbourne: What Makes It a Brilliant Choice for Living Spaces

To create a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing home, we carefully choose the right colours and furniture settings, and invest time in selecting the perfect décor. Amidst this excitement of design elements, we often ignore the importance of selecting the right flooring. It must be noted that flooring is like a functional canvas to a living space that can add a lot to elevate the ambience of a room. This brings us to the innovative and eye-pleasing hybrid flooring.

Hybrid floors have taken over the market like a storm and this has given rise to several different hybrid flooring trends. This flooring option is highly preferred because it offers a brilliant mix of beauty, durability, and functionality. Hybrid flooring, as we all know, brings the durability of the laminate and the water-resistant properties of vinyl along with its great finish. This combination has made hybrid floors the most popular choice for contemporary homes.

To know more about what makes hybrid flooring in Melbourne a stand-out choice, let’s learn about its benefits.

Key Benefits of Hybrid Flooring

Hybrid Flooring Melbourne
  1. High durability

    Opting for a hybrid flooring means choosing the durability of laminate and robustness of vinyl which results in a flooring that is highly resistant to scratches and dents. This makes hybrid flooring a perfect choice for high-traffic areas in a home such as living rooms, kitchen areas, and passages.

  1. Aesthetic appeal

    In addition to its impressive durability, hybrid flooring is also aesthetically pleasing. This flooring type gives out the look and feel of natural hardwood flooring minus the hassles of moisture damage. You can choose from a wide variety of hybrid flooring colours and finishes as per your space requirements. Ranging from timeless classics to bold contemporary hues, hybrid flooring comes in a rich palette of colours and tones.

  1. Easy hybrid flooring installation and replacement

    Hybrid flooring is super easy to install thanks to its click-lock installation system. Additionally, it can also act as a floating floor, that can be directly installed over an existing flooring. Similarly, if any individual plank gets damaged, it can be easily replaced without the removal of the entire floor. This not only saves time but also minimises costs. The ease of installation and replacement solutions also help in keeping the floors in the best condition.

  1. Available in a variety of finishes

    You can choose from matte, glossy, and textured finishes in hybrid flooring to further enhance the appearance of your floors. Each finish and texture add a unique character to the overall flooring style which further refines the aesthetics of the space. Choosing the right finish can help you fine-tune the visual impact of your flooring as per your room aesthetics.

  1. Provides a comforting underfoot

    In addition to the amazing visual aspects, hybrid flooring also makes for a comfortable underfoot foundation. The textured surface of this flooring gives a relaxing and comforting feel which is apt for homes. The plank-style installation with its uniform surface further adds to its cosy appeal.

  2. It can be rightly said that hybrid flooring has the ability to contribute to the overall uniqueness of your home’s design. With this flooring marvel, you can get both style and functionality woven seamlessly into one.

    Get in touch with us at Boutique Home Centre today for multiple hybrid flooring options. Our staff will guide you in making the right choice for your home. You can browse our website to know more about our flooring offerings and simply submit your enquiry through the online form.

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